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Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Chuck Schnoor Athletic Director chuck.schnoor@centralaz.edu
Veronica Sauceda Athletic Program Assistant 520-494-5300 veronica.sauceda@centralaz.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Anthony Gilich Head Coach 520-494-5404 anthony.gilich@centralaz.edu
Jerry A'Hearn Pitching Coach - Recruiting Coordinator 520-494-5301 charles.ahearn@centralaz.edu
Joe Perez Associate Head Coach - Recruiting Coordinator 520.494.5574 joseph.perez3@centralaz.edu
Earl Henderson Assistant Coach 520-494-5336 caleb.henderson@centralaz.edu

Coaching Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Tramaine Aaron Head Coach 520-494-5569 tramaine.aaron@centralaz.edu
Brandon McGruder Assistant Coach 520-494-5361 brandon.mcgruder@centralaz.edu
Jack Kuhl Volunteer Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Shelby Davis Head Coach 520-494-5492 shelby.davis@centralaz.edu
Ryan Henley Assistant Coach ryan.henley@centralaz.edu

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Denise Cardenas Head Women's Basketball Coach 520-494-5302 denise.cardenas@centralaz.edu
Andrew Laursen Assistant Coach andrew.laursen@centralaz.edu
Kendra Aaron Assistant Coach kendra.aaron@centralaz.edu

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email

Rodeo Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Joe Moody Head Coach 520-494-5313 joe.moody@centralaz.edu
Kayse Mahoney Assistant Coach 520-494-5631 Kayse.mahoney@centralaz.edu
Skyla Teel Head Coach 520-494-5378 skyla.teel@centralaz.edu

Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Kim Dismuke Assistant Women Head Coach-Sprints kim.dismuke@centralaz.edu
Andrew Wood Head Men and Womens Track and Field Coach andrew.wood1@centralaz.edu
Marty Honea Recruiting Coordinator and Jumps 520-494-5046 martin.honea@centralaz.edu
Jonathan Harmon Assistant Coach-Distance Jonathan.Harmon@centralaz.edu
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